Frequently Asked Questions

Does LatentiX work with Windows Vista?

It works with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Regarding Vista, please see the next FAQ entry. See the specification table for more information.

Does LatentiX work with Windows Vista?

Yes, LatentiX 2.00 will run on Vista, but you will not see a splash screen.
If you want to run LatentiX 1.00 on Vista you have to do the following: right click the LatentiX icon on your desktop/in the Start-menu and select Properties. In the Target you change the last part ‘latentiXsplash.exe’ to ‘latentiX.exe’. The reason is that the splash screen does not work with Vista.

Does LatentiX run under Linux?

The current distribution of LatentiX has been compiled for Windows, and does therefore not directly run under Linux. Users have however reported, that LatentiX can be successfully run on Linux using Wine, an environment for running Windows applications on Linux.

How do I activate the free version of LatentiX?

You need your Free Version Activation Key in order to activate LatentiX. You can find the key in the welcome mail you received when you created your user account, og you can log into your user account and find the activation key there.

In LatentiX, go to “Help -> About -> Update license” and enter your activation key. If  the key has expired, the program will automatically create a new key.

How come program startup time is around 30-40 seconds the first time after reboot, whereas startup only takes 5-6 seconds when the computer has not been rebooted?

The long startup time is directly caused by the time it takes for the MATLAB runtime library to be loaded into memory the first time. We are hoping for future releases to be more efficient.

I have purchased access to the Full Version. How do I get access to all program features?

Go to Help -> About, click Update License, type your user name and the activation key emailed to you. Then you have access to the full program.

Is the visualization and PCA really for free?

Yes. We want to see Chemometrics and multivariate models gain more interest from user at all levels in all disciplines.

Do I need a MATLAB license to run the program?

No. LatentiX is a stand-alone program and you do not need to pay for a MATLAB license.