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Raw data plotting features

  • Coloring according to groups, classes, sets, continuous variables etc
  • Scatter matrix with histrogram on the diagonal

Principal component analysis (PCA)

  • Model estimation
  • Access to Scores, Loadings, Scores and Loadings and Bi-plots
  • Coloring of plots according to groups, classes, sets, continuous variables, model results (e.g. residuals) etc.
  • Overview of models: all models are stored in the same file
  • Access to all relevant plots
  • Prediction

Partial least squares (PLS)

  • Model estimation
  • All relevant plots
  • Prediction with automatic transformation


  • Mean centering
  • Pareto scaling
  • Auto scaling
  • Standard Normal Variates
  • Multiplicative Scatter/Signal Correction
  • Derivatives (Savitzky-Golay)
  • 2nd Derivative (Finite Differences)
  • Transmittance -> Absorption (-log10)
  • Normalise using 2-norm
  • Normalise using Infinity-norm
  • Entented Inverse Signal Correction (EISC)


  • Cross validation (cross validation according to selected variable  or defined object sets, and many other schemes)
  • Test set validation

Data import/export

  • Clipboard and Cut&Paste
  • Excel (via clipboard and file)
  • MATLAB (ver. 5 and later)
  • ASCII file (import only)

Additional features

  • Overview: All models stored in the same file
  • Overview: All predictions stored in the same file
  • Copy plots directly to PowerPoint or Clipboard
  • Variable selection – Principal variables
  • Cross & square terms (non-linear models)